Day Support for Adults

Meeting needs with excellence.

Family Care Connections seeks to meet the temporal, physical, social,
and emotional needs of its members. It takes pride in the supportive
environment that has been created at their Day Treatment and
Training facility to meet these needs.

Day Programming for Adults or Day Treatment for Adults (DTA Services) provides day options for adults with developmental disabilities (22+ years of age). The program is designed to provide training in basic life, social, safety and community skills, such as accepting people for their differences, respecting others and self, being responsible for words & actions, following directions, rules and problem solving.“Hands-on” learning through recreation, community and education based activities, such as restaurant dining, movies, shopping, art, bowling, library, etc.Our goal is to maximize current skills, initiate development of new skills and decrease or eliminate those behaviors that are most challenging and/or disruptive to a productive, community filled life.

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